Travel Diary: Paris


Today I’m coming to you with a bit special post.. I traveled to many countries and cities in Europe, but I was avoiding visiting France on purpose.. Because since I was a little girl, I’ve been dreaming to see Paris.. but not simply to see it – I’ve been always dreaming that I will visit this city with my Mr. Big. And the first impression of this city will be absolutely wonderful.. Long walks, stunning views, small streets, the smell of croissants everywhere, Chanel, Louis Vuitton.. And no, it didn’t happen. What has actually happened? I was in Luxembourg during the whole summer last year, when three girls simply decided that Paris is too close not to visit it now. So we did.

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Travel Diary: Echternach and Vianden


Having a second coffee on a rainy Sunday morning back in Vilnius and waking up knowing that everything seems in peace for a while, I am back with another post about my summer experiences. Today I want to share with you some photos and advice on two trips that my girlfriends and I had during summer in Luxembourg. During summer we went to Echternach and Vianden. Both cities are close to the Luxembourg city, around 1 hour away by bus. If you have read my post about Luxembourg city, you know  that I believe it is a city with a bit of magic, but what will make your experience in this country unforgettable is trips around the country itself. Why? Because almost every, even the smallest town, has a castle high in the mountains, many many trees and vineyards in some parts. I would even say that without visiting towns around the Luxembourg city you won’t get the full experience of what it means to be in Luxembourg. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Echternach and Vianden”

Travel Diary: Luxembourg

UntitledcoverWhat can accidentally make your day? Or make you feel a bit more special on that particular day? When was the last time that you realised that something simple but heartwarming made you feel special? Is it a kiss from the loved one, a good cup of coffee, or a moment, when you hear a person speaking Greek and you realise that you still understand bits and pieces of the conversation? Continue reading “Travel Diary: Luxembourg”

Travel: Wedding Day

IMGP5793The occasion for which I went to the US was a wedding of a dear friend of mine. I feel so grateful for being invited not only to participate at the wedding, but also to be a bridesmaid. Now I definitely know the difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party 🙂 The wedding took place at Snowbasin, an absolutely gorgeous place! The couple got married in the mountains, the sun was shining bright and everyone was in a good mood. What else is needed for a perfect wedding? Continue reading “Travel: Wedding Day”

Travel: Waldorf Astoria Hotel

w7Hey loves! The new year is approaching super fast, and I so wanna finish it with some blogpost about my travel to the US. Why? Because it’s been my trip of the year, full of pleasant memories, warmth of the people and beautiful surroundings. Today, I would like to share with you my experience at Waldorf Astoria in Park City, Utah. This hotel captured my heart by an excellent customer service, people working in the hotel and breathtaking views. Continue reading “Travel: Waldorf Astoria Hotel”

Travel Diary: Salt Lake City & Park City, USA

IMGP5600When do you realise that you had a trip of the year? When do you get inspired to reconsider life? When I booked my flight to Salt Lake City in the beginning of the year, I got goosebumps. I was so happy the last few weeks before my trip that I was almost afraid to smile not to scary this feeling of happiness inside me. I think that then you realise how beautiful life can be. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Salt Lake City & Park City, USA”

Travel Diary: Berlin

IMGP5394What happens when you live in one place for a few years and love shopping? Yes, you have lots and lots of stuff when you’re moving and spend even more time packing and unpacking… That’s been my reality for the last five days… I moved to another country for work and so far so good. I hope things will go well.

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Travel Diary: Vacations in Salt Lake City!


Hey loves! I hope you’re doing super well, and are excited for the weekend! I know I’m away this week, but I have a very limited access visiting my very dear friend in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will be back in the end of next week, I missed blogging so much! At the same time, I have time now to reconsider my goals, experience so many new things, reconnect with my friend and attend a very special event (stay tuned for that!). As for now, I want to share a few beautiful pictures from the place I am now! It’s absolutely gorgeous here! Follow my journey on Instagram!  Continue reading “Travel Diary: Vacations in Salt Lake City!”

Inspiration: Future perspectives

I saw that my blog is checked by some of you, my dears, however, I stopped blogging, or rather learning to blog, for a while… The truth is that once I graduated, something clicked inside me and I was not able to understand why and how…
  The only thing I honestly wished for is to be in the beach and listen to music – to be all by myself with the sea and have nothing on my mind… Exactly how I did 5 years ago. I was on the island 3 months and everyday I would go to the beach and listen to the sound of waves, watch huge ships coming to the island…

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