OOTD: Business Casual

img_0898As it is already the middle February already, I realise that I need to hustle if I want to share all my thoughts and ideas with you. And I have many. And they are constantly in my head. And sometimes while drinking coffee in the office I can spend extra five minutes on reading an interesting blogpost by one of my favourite bloggers. I realised that now that I am a young working professional, I find myself reading blog by bloggers who have a full-time job besides blogging and vlogging, as I can relate myself to them so much more. And even if I try to find an excuse to put my blogging away, I come back to it with my thoughts and heart. It means, I must continue. Continue reading “OOTD: Business Casual”


Current wish list: Fall 2016

Ever since I started working, I realised how much I enjoy investing in a few very high quality pieces, instead of having many low quality things and buying things just because they are on a sale.. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t come from a spoiled family, but I believe hard work pays off. Currently I am in a position where I need to take into consideration many things before I make a big purchase, but working gives me so much pleasure, I can’t even describe, and one part of this joy is having the possibility to afford myself some guilty pleasure one in a while. So today I’m sharing with you my current wish list of some luxury or more expensive pieces. These are such fall pieces for me..


Continue reading “Current wish list: Fall 2016”

OOTD: Pretty Blue


Hello loves! How was your weekend? Honestly, I missed blogging so much.. Somehow I didn’t realise how much time I will lack when I started working full time again. But I will do a separate blog post on this one.

To start the week, I would like to share my last outfit shot one day in Denmark before I left to Lithuania. I decided to feature this outfit mainly due to the blue colour which was very much in trend during summer. Continue reading “OOTD: Pretty Blue”

Fashion show: Secret J. S. Life

stilius.lrytas.ltstilius.lrytas.lt photo

Two weeks ago I attended the fashion show of the year in Lithuania. It was the presentation of the 2016 spring/summer collection of the most popular, I guess, Lithuanian designer – Juozas Statkevicius.

Well, let me tell you, I was stunned by the quality of fabrics used, the idea of the collection, the way it was presented and last, but not least, the models walking the catwalk. Continue reading “Fashion show: Secret J. S. Life”

Item to Love: Daniel Wellington watch

IMGP4963edI got so many compliments on this watch, that I finally decided to dedicate the whole post to it. This watch has become almost a part of me the minute I got. No, it is not a sponsored post by any means, but yes, I came across this watch thanks to videos where I saw girls wearing Daniel Wellington watches as gifts from the company. I must say this is one of the items that definitely deserves all the praise and love from so many people. Continue reading “Item to Love: Daniel Wellington watch”

OOTD: Weekend in a Leather Jacket


Hello loves! I hope you had a very nice weekend and have a productive start of the week! I spent my weekend with my family and this outfit, which was still shot in Denmark, basically represents what wore this weekend and how I felt.. Easy and relaxed.. With all the changes in life now – moving to another country, looking for a place to live, starting a new job, I’m on the off mode as regards the blog a bit, but I hope to be back very soon! Continue reading “OOTD: Weekend in a Leather Jacket”

OOTD: Coming Back and Moving On!

IMGP4974edGuess, who’s back? Yey! I find it so truly amazing how  happy, determined and motivated I come back from my travels. Do you have the same? Every time I come back home, I want to stay home for a week and then I’m already thinking how much I want to visit some place I’ve never been… Ehm… Talking about that makes me realise that I still owe you a Berlin post. I know, I think I might not sleep well the next few days, as I want to post about so many things! From shopping to traveling, both I love way too much 🙂 Continue reading “OOTD: Coming Back and Moving On!”

OOTD: Shades of Blue

IMGP5444 I hope you have a productive week so far! I am super busy these days getting ready for my trip on Saturday, I’m so excited to travel! Not only because I love traveling in general (I would travel every day if I could), but also because I’m gonna attend a very special event and visit very special people! Thus, I won’t get into too many details, but stay tuned for the upcoming posts! Continue reading “OOTD: Shades of Blue”

OOTD: Stripes Wanted


Hello lovelies! I hope your day is going well, you’re full of positive vibes, as the weeeeekend is coming!! Do you have any amazing plans?? This weekend for me promises to be a busy one.. with friends coming over, catching up with the blog, packing for the super exciting trip (oh yes, stay tuned for that one!), and enjoying the last summer (sunny, I mean, sunny) days in Aalborg. Continue reading “OOTD: Stripes Wanted”

OOTD: A Black Trench Coat


So recently we get more and more rainy days here in Denmark, so I thought it’s about time I share one of the items I embraced while living in Denmark. Back in Lithuania we don’t have so much black colour and so many women wearing black trench coats, while here in Denmark the majority of new comers will point out these two facts when it comes to street style in Denmark. Personally, I didn’t like it very much in the beginning, but with the time I realised that wearing a trench coat makes you feel somehow more stylish and polished. Continue reading “OOTD: A Black Trench Coat”