DIY: Easy Apartment Decorating Ideas


Today I’m coming with a new exciting post! I am very much into decorating your place, as it is so inspiring to be surrounded by the things you love and that bring you special memories. Even though I have already moved two places since these pictures were taken, I still think that they are relevant as much today as they were last year.

As a busy young woman who wants to have her apartment under control, I find that sometimes it’s not easy to be very good at work, social activities, training and also keeping my place cozy. So, having some easy decorations that warm up my heart every time I come home brings me joy and peace.

  1. I don’t have a picture now, but having some lights around in the apartment is a nice way of decorating. I use usual Christmas lights, but there are many beautiful lights to choose from today. Maybe I need an upgrade?*


2. Having little special pieces can make a house a home. For example, I have a jewellery box with my initial which I received from a dear friend of mine as a wedding present for being a bridesmaid. I put it besides another gift from my friend from her internship in Paris, and as Paris is a fashion capital, I felt that it is just right to have some gold pumps (they are Christmas tree decorations from Jysk, bought last year!).


3. I have seen this trend a lot on social media and I found it very polished. I am referring now to a tray with perfumes. It is such an elegant touch on your desk, make-up mirror or any place that you want to look a bit more luxurious and special, I simply love it!


4. Well, and how can we talk about decorating a place without adding a touch of the Scandinavian design? Having in mind that I’ve lived in Denmark for more than 3 years, it seems about right that I will bring something of that clean white simplicity to my decor. Below you can see a very traditional Scandinavian design house, which is typically white, but mine has some pretty Christmas decorations on it (I feel like this post is turning to Christmas mood!). I got it as a present from one Danish family I worked for, and these houses are actually for burning candles (isn’t that so Danish cozy?). As you can see I put a frame with pictures of my friends in Denmark and a little angel in the middle is guarding this beauty and me (got is as a Christmas present from one of my best friends).


5. The last idea this time is of course fake flowers and photo albums. I know that not everyone likes fake flowers, but I will be honest with you, I don’t know how to take good care of flowers, but they do give a certain touch when used right. My flowers are bought during my trip in U.S. and I use them sometimes when I feel like, more towards fall and winter, probably because I can get some nice fresh one during summer. Along with the flowers, this time I had my photo albums ready for my guests to see. I know that nowadays not many people store photos, but I believe we should do that, as technology changes and breaks, but memories always stay. And how fun it is to see the reaction of your friends when they get to see what did you do or how you looked like in your teenage years? I promise you at least a good laugh!


*ping pong lights image is from Pinterest


Wish you all a beautiful weekend!

Love, Loretta

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