Travel Diary: Echternach and Vianden


Having a second coffee on a rainy Sunday morning back in Vilnius and waking up knowing that everything seems in peace for a while, I am back with another post about my summer experiences. Today I want to share with you some photos and advice on two trips that my girlfriends and I had during summer in Luxembourg. During summer we went to Echternach and Vianden. Both cities are close to the Luxembourg city, around 1 hour away by bus. If you have read my post about Luxembourg city, you know  that I believe it is a city with a bit of magic, but what will make your experience in this country unforgettable is trips around the country itself. Why? Because almost every, even the smallest town, has a castle high in the mountains, many many trees and vineyards in some parts. I would even say that without visiting towns around the Luxembourg city you won’t get the full experience of what it means to be in Luxembourg.

The first destination where I was twice is Echternach. Echternach is known for its hiking paths. You can choose a shorter, longer or a few-days distance. We chose around 12 km. both times. It is a fascinating hiking path with lots of going up the hills and down, while enjoying the views.


The second town we went to is Vianden. It’s a small town with a castle. Once you are up on the mountains, you can enjoy the view from a little restaurant where they have very delicious deserts (that’s what we did).


Let me tell you – now that I remember both trips I understand that traveling around Luxembourg ads magic to the memories. If you ever find yourself in need to think of a new destination – consider Luxembourg, you won’t regret!

Lots of positive vibes this Sunday and the upcoming week!

Love, Loretta

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