Summer 2016 Make Up Favourites


Hello hello! I guess everyone starts to feel that fall has come. Fall is the season that I’m absolutely in love with, but I will talk about that in another post. Today I’m sharing my summer favourites, products which have helped me to stay flawless during warm and very warm days. I believe it’s important to share such small pleasures – if you use make up like me, I think you know, how difficult it is to choose the right products in order to look presentable. You want to have just the right amount of products, good quality products, but at the same time you try to avoid damaging your wallet too much.

As you already know, I had an amazing opportunity to work at European Parliament for 3 months, and staying on top of the things was much easier, when I used products that I trusted. So here we go:


My two foundations are by Bourjois and MAC. Bourjois City Radiance is a light coverage foundation that was very easy to apply with my Real Techniques buffing brush, I used it all summer long, at least 5 days a week, and I still have lots of product left. The only minus of this foundation, if you have normal to combination skin, as I do, you will start to see your T-zone shining in a few hours. I had to use napkins to take the shine off. I must say that I don’t experience so much shine with my all time favourite Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid, but I feel like this foundation is a bit too heavy for summer. As for my night-out make up, I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid. This foundation gave me some shine on my T-zone, however, considering how flawless my skin looks with it, a bit of shine does not worry me. This foundation is very well known for its quality, so I won’t comment on it too much.


I will start by saying that I was looking for a concealer for quite some time, and then I heard amazing reviews about these two: NYX HD Concealer and Catrice Camouflage Cream. The Catrice one is often compared to the MAC concealer, I have never tried the MAC one due to its price, but I am very happy with the Catrice. Hopefully one day I will try the MAC one as well. Both concealers are great, you won’t regret getting either of them.


Now that we have a foundation and a concealer, it’s time for powders. Yes yes, I know, another choice to make. Another all time favourite of mine is Rimmel Stay Matte translucent setting powder. I think it’s my third one now. A few years ago I heard very good reviews on this one, and recently it was even compared to, again, the MAC powder (can’t say exactly to which one). When I get my hands on MAC one, I will be able to tell if there is any difference, which I personally think, there should be, however, for one I am setting my foundation with Rimmel powder. Afterwards I move to the blush. For the summer I decided to try a Catrice blush (110 Legend-berry), it was on a big discount. It has a bit of shimmer, which is not seen once it’s on the cheeks. I prefer the MAC blush that I own, but this one is a great alternative. For the highlighter I use the Balm Mary-Lou minizer – a very well known highlighter, which I started using as a shadow as well, I simply love it! For the nights out I use the bronzer from H&M, however, I am on the hunt for something less orange, that’s why I don’t use it for a day.


Not to go into much detail, I will say that for my brows I use the eyebrow gel from Essence and a pencil from Maybelline. I usually dye my brows, so I don’t need to think about them everyday, but when I am going out or just want to make them a bit more obvious, these are the products I will use. I must say, I love eyebrows, I feel like they shape the face so much. For my eyes I usually used a highlighter as a shadow or a shadow by Catrice Velvet Matt in 070 Princess Mattleine (what a cute name). Then I would quickly draw a win with a black pencil by Artdeco, which stay all day long. For the evening I would draw a wing with a Rimmel gel eyeliner, which was a gift from my friend and I absolutely love it. It is super black and stays on all night.


Mascara, in my opinion, deserves a special attention. If there is one product I should pick – it’s a mascara. Especially this one. I can’t tell how many compliments and questions I received on this mascara Lash Sensational, because it makes my lashes so black and long and full.. If Maybelline knew, how many girls went and bought it after they saw it on me, haha, they would have to give me one for free. I don’t know about the formula of this mascara, but there is something in it that just makes your lashes beautiful. It doesn’t smudge and stays all day. When you first get it, it will be a bit too wet (you know what I mean), but give it a week and it will go on beautifully. The only downside about it – it dries out in a few months, but for what it makes to my lashes, I can buy a new one every two months.


The last quick part of my everyday makeup is a lipstick. This summer I splurged a bit and finally got a few lipsticks by MAC. These are well known matte shades and I love both of them. I got Mehr first and that time I tried Velvet Teddy too, but somehow didn’t like it. Then I went in again to try Whirl and it looked weird on me, so the sales assistant gave me Velvet Teddy and I loved it. It is known that Velvet Teddy is a shade that looks different on every woman,  I really like it on me, because it brings my blue eyes out so much. I always feel a bit more special when I wear either of them. My third lipstick of the summer was by Maybelline. I like their lipsticks, especially for the evenings, they are not expensive and fun to play with. As you can tell, these shades are more towards pink and mauve, the reason being that I have blue eyes and pink undertone, so such shades disclose my features.

It takes me literally like 10 minutes to do my makeup, but it gives me so much confidence, and whom I’m kidding, I simply love playing with make up products and trying various textures. I hope you will try some of these products and let me know in the comments below which ones you have tried or would love to try!

Love, Loretta

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