Travel Diary: Luxembourg

UntitledcoverWhat can accidentally make your day? Or make you feel a bit more special on that particular day? When was the last time that you realised that something simple but heartwarming made you feel special? Is it a kiss from the loved one, a good cup of coffee, or a moment, when you hear a person speaking Greek and you realise that you still understand bits and pieces of the conversation?

Today I’m coming to you with a photo diary from Luxembourg that I made a few weeks ago, when the weather here was absolutely beautiful as well as I share some impressions about living here. As some of you may know, I have received a scholarship to work in the European Parliament in Luxembourg. This has been on my wish list since I decided to study languages and literature and couldn’t be happier to be doing this. You know that feeling when you do something and it feels absolutely right to do it? That’s exactly how I feel about this opportunity. I can’t share any confidential information, but I will show you some pictures of my everyday views from the office:

After work many people can go to the downtown to take a stroll around. These are some of the most known places in the downtown of the city:

My overall impression about the city is very good. It’s clean, lots of green everywhere, beautiful parks, the fact that it’s built on rocks and mountains makes it a bit magical. One can immediately notice very high living standards, especially if one notices cars and people’s clothing and accessories. We have a joke that a BMW and Porsche is a car standard here, because we have never seen so many of these cars in one place. Another thing that surprises me is the amount of men in suits I see every morning in a bus. They are all reading news, talking to their fellow colleagues, and discussing something that seems important. This gives a feeling that Luxembourg is actually a moneymaking place and that’s why many people are attracted to come here. Some people and friends ask me, if I wish to stay here. Well, I find it to be tough to answer. My personal opinion is that if I decide to have a more peaceful but stable life, then yes, I want to come and work here, however, if I want more action in my life, then I should live in some other city.


Isn’t this tree an absolute magic? I hope I could leave you with some good impression about this city and yes, I highly recommend to visit this place!

Love, Loretta

And let something or someone make you feel special today!

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