Luxembourg: updates on life changes

DSC_0743Bonjour! Difficult to believe that I’ve been gone for half a year! Such a long time!

I am writing this post sitting in my room in a city that I have never thought I will have a chance to live in: Luxembourg! And guess what? I’m staying here for 3 months, more precisely, until the end of September.

You have most probably noticed that my last post was in December… Yes, I know I should be consistent, and yes, I know that I should stop making excuses. The truth is that so many changes have happened during those 6 months both at work and in personal life. On the side note, I must say that women who have children and manage to be successful bloggers are superwomen – I have no idea, how those women manage, but I would definitely use some of their advice.

Yet, I’m back! More excited than ever, because I have this amazing opportunity to stay in Luxembourg for my traineeship at the European Parliament. To be a stagiaire (trainee in French) has always been on my life wish list and I am so grateful for this opportunity.


I have been thinking lately that I want to work on my blog especially when I can write about something that would inspire you to do or try or buy, anything that would also bring value to you. I guess that comes from within me, because I love to listen, watch or read biographies of other people and learn something from their life journeys. I think by sharing experiences and thoughts we become closer to each other, learn from each other, whether it’s good or not so good.

However to work on inspiring people I should feel inspired myself. While being here I have come to realise that most probably I need to travel and discover something once in a while, otherwise my inner me does not feel inspirational. I remember Miranda’s Kerr words from one interview where she highlighted the idea that we need to make ourselves happy in order to make people around us happy. I guess it is true to a big extent, having in mind that once you feel like you live how you wish, you simply shine confidence and happiness to others, especially those who may want to find their own happy selves. I have met quite a few such people, have you?

Love, Loretta

Start each day with a grateful heart!

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