Travel: Wedding Day

IMGP5793The occasion for which I went to the US was a wedding of a dear friend of mine. I feel so grateful for being invited not only to participate at the wedding, but also to be a bridesmaid. Now I definitely know the difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party 🙂 The wedding took place at Snowbasin, an absolutely gorgeous place! The couple got married in the mountains, the sun was shining bright and everyone was in a good mood. What else is needed for a perfect wedding?

Here are some of the photos that captured a bit of the beauty, and  some pictures of me on a wedding day. I share the pictures as an inspiration for your  special day. If you live in the US, or have a reasonable amount of money to organise such a wedding, this is a very good option to consider. Believe me, everyone will be impressed, you as well. This is by far the most spectacular wedding I’ve attended, if we talk about the wedding place.




Love, Loretta

Start each day with a grateful heart!

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