Travel Diary: Salt Lake City & Park City, USA

IMGP5600When do you realise that you had a trip of the year? When do you get inspired to reconsider life? When I booked my flight to Salt Lake City in the beginning of the year, I got goosebumps. I was so happy the last few weeks before my trip that I was almost afraid to smile not to scary this feeling of happiness inside me. I think that then you realise how beautiful life can be.

I desire to travel the world (been pretty good at it so far). I can’t describe in words ow much one can  learn if by travelling. Seems so simple, yet so rewarding. Is it only me who has such a feeling?

This time I noticed how easily and without any stress I found all I needed in regards to first time travels. I guess, I can call myself an experienced traveller already.

The occasion I went on a trip to Salt Lake City and Park Cit was the wedding of one of my dearest friends that I met while studying in Denmark. She invited me to be a bridesmaid and of course I said yes! During my stay I saw some parts of both cities, met my friend’s family and friends, helped with the last preparations and got my friend marry her beloved husband! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding! When two people decide to unite their hearts because they genuinely love each other, it makes your heart melt and believe in finding your Mr. Big one day.

That’s why I would like to share some pictures with you from the trip, even though it was in September, but it is important to finish all the important things before the New Year, and definitely this post has to be in this year! I hope you enjoy the beauty in photos:

Starting the trip by visiting a huge Aquarium:IMGP5600IMGP5562IMGP5617IMGP5580IMGP5588

Visiting the city (the mountains everywehere…):IMGP5742IMGP5744IMGP5634IMGP5657IMGP5733IMGP5706IMGP5636IMGP5711

Getting a bit of an American style, heheh, actually my girlfriends made my wear it while shopping:IMGP5678IMGP5692IMGP5993

Visiting one of the many hiking spots, liked it very much!IMGP5933IMGP5937IMGP5948IMGP5978IMGP5988IMGP5974IMGP5984

Happy me:

Love, Loretta

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