Item to Love: Dior Lip Maximizer

IMGP6117Girls, today I would like to tell you about a lipgloss that changed my mind about how a lipgloss should look like.. Let me start by saying that I heard many good reviews about the Dior Lip Maximizer, but only now I got the chance to test it. I agree, it is a luxurious product to have. But, if you want one good lipgloss for a long time, this one is worth a try.

This is how *Dior presents its product:


The first instant-volume gloss from Dior Backstage. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer moisturizes lips and gives an incredible instant-volume effect for a glossy smile and full, plump lips, as if transformed. Its mint-vanilla scent provides an even more addictive fresh sensation.


Its expert formula enriched with collagen contains a blend of hyaluronic and marine-based fillers that instantly leave lips smooth, moisturized and plump-looking day after day.


Use as a base to prime, smooth and boost lip volume before adding colour, or over lipstick for a touch of shine and a plumping effect. For intensive lipcare, it can be used alone as a 15-day treatment applied daily in the morning before makeup or in the evening.


PROS: Why do I like this lipgloss? First, it is not sticky on the lips at all. As the producer says, my lips are glowing in a very nice way, and after the lipgloss is gone the lips stay soft, which is very important to me. I usually wear it on its own or on the top of the lipstick. I should add that the cooling effect is pleasant, and I believe it will be helpful in summer.

CONS: One downside of this product, in my opinion, is the price. I got it with a small discount, but I checked prices, and usually it costs around 37 euros. Another downside might be the expectation of the fuller lips. Well, it does not maximize your lips really. Due to the formula of the gloss, the lips appear somehow fuller, there is a very tiny twinkling effect, however, not much. I guess, lips appear fuller because of the shine. But there won’t be any maximizing effect, if you are looking for that.

CONCLUSION: Overall, I’m happy with this product, I consider finishing all the lip glosses I own and buy this one again instead. I am more of a ‘buy a good, more expensive product, rather than many cheaper’ kind’a gal. What about you? Have you tried this lipgloss? I would love to hear your opinion on this one!

*information taken from


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