Travel Diary: Berlin

IMGP5394What happens when you live in one place for a few years and love shopping? Yes, you have lots and lots of stuff when you’re moving and spend even more time packing and unpacking… That’s been my reality for the last five days… I moved to another country for work and so far so good. I hope things will go well.

Finally today I have time to be with my two small nieces and share my memories from my short trip to Berlin in August. And the next travel posts will definitely be about the US, so stay tuned! As for Berlin, I had on my travel list this year, for people who know me kept saying that I will just love it there. What can I say… They were right! Berlin caught my heart with its city vibe, architecture, shopping (of course). In a few days my friend and I we managed to visit almost all the most known Berlin places by foot (if I showed pics of all of them, this post would take ages), so everyday we were so tired in the evening, but very happy. The Berlin sightseeing is so totally worth it. If you ask me, I plan to come back and explore the city even more, so if you’re looking for a quick city getaway, check this city out!


IMGP5222 IMGP5235 IMGP5242IMGP5245


IMGP5275 IMGP5278 IMGP5293IMGP5376

Berlin TV Tower:

IMGP5282IMGP5299 IMGP5306

Some places we visited – the Branderburg Gate and the Berlin Wall:

IMGP5396IMGP5351 IMGP5354

Happy me 🙂 


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Have a very nice weekend! and I go to eat delicious Lithuanian cakes 🙂

Love, Loretta


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