OOTD: Weekend in a Leather Jacket


Hello loves! I hope you had a very nice weekend and have a productive start of the week! I spent my weekend with my family and this outfit, which was still shot in Denmark, basically represents what wore this weekend and how I felt.. Easy and relaxed.. With all the changes in life now – moving to another country, looking for a place to live, starting a new job, I’m on the off mode as regards the blog a bit, but I hope to be back very soon! Continue reading “OOTD: Weekend in a Leather Jacket”


Travel Diary: Berlin

IMGP5394What happens when you live in one place for a few years and love shopping? Yes, you have lots and lots of stuff when you’re moving and spend even more time packing and unpacking… That’s been my reality for the last five days… I moved to another country for work and so far so good. I hope things will go well.

Finally today I have time to be with my two small nieces and share my memories from my short trip to Berlin in August. And the next travel posts will definitely be about the US, so stay tuned! Continue reading “Travel Diary: Berlin”

OOTD: Coming Back and Moving On!

IMGP4974edGuess, who’s back? Yey! I find it so truly amazing how  happy, determined and motivated I come back from my travels. Do you have the same? Every time I come back home, I want to stay home for a week and then I’m already thinking how much I want to visit some place I’ve never been… Ehm… Talking about that makes me realise that I still owe you a Berlin post. I know, I think I might not sleep well the next few days, as I want to post about so many things! From shopping to traveling, both I love way too much 🙂 Continue reading “OOTD: Coming Back and Moving On!”