3 Easy Tips to Stay Motivated


Hey lovelies! So, I wanted to create this post for the longest time ever… Not only for you, but also for myself. To be honest, sometimes (or rather pretty often) it may be difficult to stay committed to your goals. We all know about the importance of working and progressing – to take a small action everyday that brings us closer to our big goals. That’s why today I’d like to share 3 easy steps to staying positive and humble, while creating the life of your dreams:

  1. Clean around – there are people who like working while having the so-called ‘pretty mess’, but I think many of us function so much better when we have clean surroundings. Every time I feel down, I tend to start cleaning my workspace, my office table, my room, or even my closet. I think cleaning around is sort of like a therapy for cleaning your mind.
  2. Have an agenda – now, I am pretty sure almost all of us plan their days more or less, but I see so many successful people having an actual agenda where they note down all activities for the day. Some of us may find it boring, but hey, if the agenda is pretty, why not to spend some extra minutes to plan the day? For some time now I have a Kate Spade New York agenda on my wish list.. I think, this one or a similar way looking agenda will look very appropriate on every working desk regardless of occupation. Besides, when you have a pretty agenda, don’t you just want to decorate and make it fun? I like to draw hearts and stars, or put stickers on my agenda so much!
  3. Working out – the last but not least, of course, working out. It is like a mind game, really. Nobody can give you a beautiful body, it’s all up to you, and that is why it’s so inspiring. Move more, dance, have your best 5 exercises to do every morning or have a working out routine 3-4 times a week. Start small, but start working out. It will help you to stay concentrated, clear the mind, and you will become more confident in yourself once you see beautiful changes on your body. Worth it, right?

kate spade agendas

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Love, L.

Photo credit: Lasma Sestule

Image with agendas via Pinterest


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