Travel Diary: Vacations in Salt Lake City!


Hey loves! I hope you’re doing super well, and are excited for the weekend! I know I’m away this week, but I have a very limited access visiting my very dear friend in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will be back in the end of next week, I missed blogging so much! At the same time, I have time now to reconsider my goals, experience so many new things, reconnect with my friend and attend a very special event (stay tuned for that!). As for now, I want to share a few beautiful pictures from the place I am now! It’s absolutely gorgeous here! Follow my journey on Instagram!  Continue reading “Travel Diary: Vacations in Salt Lake City!”


OOTD: Shades of Blue

IMGP5444 I hope you have a productive week so far! I am super busy these days getting ready for my trip on Saturday, I’m so excited to travel! Not only because I love traveling in general (I would travel every day if I could), but also because I’m gonna attend a very special event and visit very special people! Thus, I won’t get into too many details, but stay tuned for the upcoming posts! Continue reading “OOTD: Shades of Blue”

OOTD: Stripes Wanted


Hello lovelies! I hope your day is going well, you’re full of positive vibes, as the weeeeekend is coming!! Do you have any amazing plans?? This weekend for me promises to be a busy one.. with friends coming over, catching up with the blog, packing for the super exciting trip (oh yes, stay tuned for that one!), and enjoying the last summer (sunny, I mean, sunny) days in Aalborg. Continue reading “OOTD: Stripes Wanted”

3 Easy Tips to Stay Motivated


Hey lovelies! So, I wanted to create this post for the longest time ever… Not only for you, but also for myself. To be honest, sometimes (or rather pretty often) it may be difficult to stay committed to your goals. We all know about the importance of working and progressing – to take a small action everyday that brings us closer to our big goals. That’s why today I’d like to share 3 easy steps to staying positive and humble, while creating the life of your dreams: Continue reading “3 Easy Tips to Stay Motivated”

OOTD: A Black Trench Coat


So recently we get more and more rainy days here in Denmark, so I thought it’s about time I share one of the items I embraced while living in Denmark. Back in Lithuania we don’t have so much black colour and so many women wearing black trench coats, while here in Denmark the majority of new comers will point out these two facts when it comes to street style in Denmark. Personally, I didn’t like it very much in the beginning, but with the time I realised that wearing a trench coat makes you feel somehow more stylish and polished. Continue reading “OOTD: A Black Trench Coat”