Travel Diary: Helsinki


Do you like wondering and exploring the world, cultures, people? I simply love doing that! As September is also a month for fashion weeks in the world, my Travel Diary section I dedicate to my last year’s trip to Helsinki where I attended the I Love Me exhibition which is the biggest health and beauty fair in northern Europe. I would consider this trip as one of the best trips I have ever had, probably because this city fascinated me with so many contrasts I could have imagined.

I am not by any means an expert in architecture, but I felt like there is a blend of Western and Eastern styles which gives the city a special vibe. It was impressive to see some neoclassical treasures, for example, the Helsinki Cathedral which so reminds the Russian Church, and be surrounded by buildings having the Scandinavian touch in a few minutes. Of course, because of history and the border with Russia many people speak Russian and you can even find Russian shops (see pictures below). As for shopping (of course, I have to mention that..) many brands seen in Helsinki can be found in the whole Scandinavia, though you can find a great variety of European brands, for example MangoHave any of you participated in fashion/beauty fairs? What do you like about them?

A great chalkboard on “Natural Goods Company” stand where each one of us could sign! The company offers products from the brands that use natural extracts in their cosmetics:

Beautiful decorations on a stand presenting everything you need for a perfect wedding.

Fashion Lounge and Bloggers’ Lounge had many activities going on. Some known bloggers from Finland were invited to speak about health and beauty!


And a few city impressions:

photos taken by me

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Have a beautiful Thursday!
Love, Loretta

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