OOTD: T-shirt dress

When fall is so warm and beautiful these days, we don’t t even need  to wear much. I like to feel comfortable yet casually dressed most of the time, and I feel like this more classic version of the T-shirt dress does just that. This black dress is versatile, as you can wear it with black sandals during summer (oh, it was one of my favorites this summer!) or, as I have done now, pair it with your favorite black booties and opaque tights for fall. Being dressed like that I am totally ready to spend the day out. What do you think of this kind of dresses? Let me know! Love, L.

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Weekend Notes

There are days when you just need to be productive and feel inspired at the same time. I sort of have this feeling today when there is so much to do over the weekend. Having arrived to live in Denmark one thing I really fell in love with is decorating your space. The Danish people put so much effort into finding unique pieces and making their homes warm and cozy, so whenever I feel a bit down, I would just go to Pinterest and spend a while pinning my favorite images for a beautiful home. I thought this morning I will share some of the images that inspire me to stay productive today. What inspires you this weekend?

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Current Constants: D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE

I guess you have already noticed that I mention the perfume I am wearing together with the outfits’ description. The reason for this is that even though I love fashion and clothes, I believe that you can impress or make yourself be remembered by the way you smell. I guess, we all have these scents that remind us the day we were really happy, our favorite season or that someone special in our lives..

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OOTD: Weekend and pastels

Hej lovies! Yes, Hej, because this is actually how you write Hi in Danish and you learn that when you are living in Denmark at least for some time… I have been here for 2 years already, and many people might find it surprising how such a small country on the world map may be quite a puzzle to solve (the ones living here I think would agree:) ). Currently I am living in Aalborg, northern part of Denmark.

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Travel Diary: Helsinki


Do you like wondering and exploring the world, cultures, people? I simply love doing that! As September is also a month for fashion weeks in the world, my Travel Diary section I dedicate to my last year’s trip to Helsinki where I attended the I Love Me exhibition which is the biggest health and beauty fair in northern Europe. I would consider this trip as one of the best trips I have ever had, probably because this city fascinated me with so many contrasts I could have imagined.

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OOTD: the Birthday dress

Hello Dears! As you know, it is the birthday month for me and I wanted to show the dress I wore for my actual birthday day and got so many compliments on. I wore this dress at least 3 times since then and just love it! Why? The pattern, the classic cut, pastel colors and little fringes around the dress (Can I call them like that?) actually give this dress such a Chanel feeling! For the day I paired it with black boots, but I am pretty sure you can wear them with pastel lilac high heels for the night. Do you like Chanel inspired pieces?

What I am wearing: H&M dress (recently in stores), H&M boots, 
Pandora bracelet, perfume: D&G “L’Imperatrice”
 *photos taken by Lasma Sestule

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Have a loving weekend everyone!
Love, Loretta

Travel Diary: New York

I completely agree with the saying that “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. As much as I love reading, including reading about various cultures and countries, I feel that often the feelings, impressions and understandings that come after visiting a certain place are close to magic. I most certainly left my heart in many places. I wonder, where have you left your hearts in this world when it comes to traveling?

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September: Birthday Month

Hello Dears! The week passed so incredibly quickly and we have the whole weekend ahead of us! With the first days of September it starts feeling like fall in Denmark, the mix of a colder wind and a still warm sun makes the Danish fall so beautiful. For a few years now fall has been my favorite season of the year.. Walking on crunchy leaves, the sweater weather, book lists to read, hot coffee/tea on gorgeous mornings.. Nothing better to start your weekend..

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